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How to ensure your online store can handle changes in customer demand

As a result of the global pandemic, some businesses are seeing customer demand for online goods skyrocket. Ensuring you have an online store that can handle changes in the market is just one way to ensure the long-term success of your business.
Posted: 星期五 29 五月 2020

Accelerate your digital transformation with Kentico Xperience

Introducing Kentico Xperience!
Posted: 星期五 29 五月 2020

Enhance your email marketing, part 4: Using images in emails

Images are great for captivating your readers’ attention. There are many theories about how images can influence your emails, so let’s take a closer look at what you can do with them in Kentico. And if there's something you think can’t be done in Kentico, just read on and get your hands on some new email widgets we prepared for you to step up your email game!

Posted: 星期四 09 四月 2020

Using personalization data to evolve and scale

As the saying goes: what gets measured, gets done. Learn how to fine-tune your personalization measurement strategy, so you’re optimizing your marketing, customer experience, and goals.
Posted: 星期四 09 四月 2020

Enhance your email marketing, part 3: Take your newsletter automation to the next level

When contacts subscribe to your newsletter, it’s a big thing. They say they want to stay in touch. They agree to hear from you regularly. And they express it in a very personal way: by giving you access to their email inboxes. It’s up to you now to live up to their expectations! How can Kentico help you with that?

There are many things to consider when creating a successful newsletter, and saying “thank you” for trusting you with their email address should be the first thing to do. To step up your game, why not send them your latest newsletter, as well?

This option doesn’t come with Kentico out of the box, but with a few customization, your marketing automation can take care of it. Don’t feel like customizing? We’ve got you covered — just read on!

Posted: 星期一 30 三月 2020

Enhance Your Email Marketing, Part 2: Improving Campaign Emails

Let's dive into the second installment of our Email Marketing series! Today, we're taking a look at how you can improve your campaign emails (and your campaigns in general!) with a little bit of personalization and A/B testing. Want to know more?
Posted: 星期三 26 二月 2020


核心协作团队编年史:2020 年 2 月

Posted: 星期二 18 二月 2020

3 个持久的消费者真理 – 以及通过商业创新满足这些变革的品牌

随着品牌与消费者之间的关系在 2020 年不断向前发展,一致、互联的客户体验要求推动公司利用创新,提供最佳的购物体验。
Posted: 星期二 18 二月 2020

一年后的 GDPR:营销人员该怎么做?

Posted: 星期二 18 二月 2020

Gartner 数字体验平台魔力象限 2020

了解 Gartner 为何将我们命名为领导者

Posted: 星期一 10 二月 2020
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