Optimise Your Content Production with Kentico Draft

Does late content production cause your projects to suffer painful delays? Do you wish that you could find an intelligent solution that can make the whole process more efficient and improve your bottom line? Let us introduce you to an exciting new product from Kentico called Draft -  the answer to your content production woes.

Kentico Draft is a cloud service that optimises your web project timelines. This means that you can draft, review, and approve your content in a single shared space where all the content contributors on your team can enter content and assets directly into pre-defined fields. Plus, with Draft’s simple workflow and intuitive authoring environment, contributors can say “goodbye” to hunting for files in various formats, and trying to figure out which version is the most up to date.

In the six months since launching, Draft has already helped many organisations prevent project delays, improve their project timelines, and take on more projects. Also, because Draft listens to users’ suggestions, based on this feedback, Kentco have introduced many exciting new features that enhance and speed up the overall content production process.

For more information please contact us or visit the Kentico Draft website.

Posted: Friday 22 April 2016