Process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service

Bpm’online is a premium vendor of process-driven cloud based software for marketing, sales and service automation. The beauty and core value of bpm’online products are the out-of-the-box processes that guide users through the most effective actions to accelerate results. Users love bpm'online's engaging interface with its social look and feel, free from redundant information that keeps them focused on what's relevant.
Out-of-the-box processes
Bpm’online products include a set of best practice processes for marketing, sales and customer service. Ready-to-go processes guide users through the most effective actions and make it easy to jump start using the system and bring industry best practices to their work.

A complete view of the customer journey
Bpm’online delivers end-to-end processes to manage the complete customer journey. Connecting the dots between marketing, sales and customer service allows companies to effectively manage every stage of the customers’ interactions.

Engaging interface that users love
Bpm’online applications have engaging interface and a social look and feel, which makes working with the software easy and ensures an increase in overall user adoption rates.
Take advantage of the out-of-the-box sales processes that will guide you through the most effective actions to make the most of your sales pipeline, minimizing errors and boosting results.

Employ out-of-the-box processes designed in compliance with ITIL best practices and recommendations. Follow built-in business processes to manage customer requests, service catalogues and SLAs.

Leverage omni-channel communications through employing out-of-the-box best practise processes for efficient marketing automation - from demand generation to lead nurturing, and to successful hand-off to sales.
Marketing A holistic multichannel marketing management software powered by out-of-the-box best practice processes delivering demand generation excellence
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Sales A cloud CRM that drives efficient sales processes and enables total control over the complete customer journey - from lead generation to repeat sales
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Service A cloud application with out-of-the-box processes for full-cycle service mamagement across multiple communication channels
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CRM bundle Full-fledged products for marketing, sales and service that are seamlessly intergrated on one CRM platform to help you efficiently manage the complete cistomer journey
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